This is How Civil Engineer Suha Atiyeh Creates Projects For the People

In addition to her extensive experience guiding a large number of important public and private sector projects to their successful completion, Suha Atiyeh is also capable of evaluating projects during the study phase and making sure they make sense because she is capable of doing a thorough analysis of every stage of the project. Among the most prominent U.S. projects in her portfolio, for which she played a leadership role, include Fort Reno Elevated Tank in Washington DC, the Potomac Interceptor Sewer System in Virginia and the Oily Water Sewer Modeling. Project in Washington State.

Among the most important projects led by Suha Atiyeh internationally included several projects in the UAE, including Stormwater Flood Mitigation Measures, a Drinking Water Audit, the Masdar City Sitewide Infrastructure, the Golden Beach Resort and other projects in the western region of the country. On every project, Suha Atiyeh is active at virtually every step of the process, including the initial planning phase of projects, and continues to assist with the design and continues guiding every project through to completion.